Sunday, January 20, 2013

Medial Caesura


Medial Caesura in poetry and music is described as a pause of undefined length in the middle of a line or composition. My image "Medial Caesura" shows the reflection to the left which represents the violin that my father made and played, the actual violin in the middle which represents the pause of unknown length waiting for the violin to be picked up and the reflection on the right is when the violin is being played again.

Those who write poetry and music are, for the most part, artists who are trying to communicate how they feel about something or someone. When they feel the need to communicate in a non-verbal way by composing their thoughts on paper, it should mean more to the person who reads it. This composition has been created with focus and depth and from a place that deserves respect. Poetry and music are almost never written without medial caesura (a definite unknown to the reader), but when the reader reads it, it flows without interruption because that is what the writer intended. It is very seldom that one sees a poem or a piece of music which includes two vertical parallel lines "║" indicating "medial caesura". The only time that this becomes necessary is when the writer wants the reader to stop and think about what has just been written or played, before continuing on.

Sometimes in life we need to be told to stop and reflect on what has happened to us so that we can better understand who we are. There is a purpose for "medial caesura" in our lives... we just have to make sure that we take time to pause, reflect and then continue with a better understanding of who we are, and of those around us. We also should not wait for others to impose "medial caesura" on us but have the awareness and control to self-impose "║"... just make sure that the pause is not too long!

Thanks for listening.

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A.J said...

So good to reflect on this blog posting and on our personal lives as well. || These are wonderful words! Once again, you are an amazing writer, storyteller and, photographer! Thank you for what you bring to us and sharing your gifts!

jac said...

I can't agree with AJ more! We are so lucky to have the privilege to read your "W.O.W.". I think one of the biggest issues in the world we live in today is that people expect immediate gratification without thought, consideration, or pause. So many people could benefit (myself included) from following these words. Thank you so much for helping to remind me of how important and influential a pause can be in life.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I know we all need to be reminded to stop and reflect. I know that I certainly don't take enough time to appreciate what I have in my life.
Dad, you are an inspiration. KEJ