Sunday, December 23, 2007


For the average person, communication by writing is not the normal thing to do. Usually we talk in person, talk on the phone, text message brief sentences cell to cell, but we do not take the time to write at length, even if it is only a couple of paragraphs. Those of us who do write a lot either write for a living or have time to put pen to paper in their leisure time... those among us who are retired. I will attempt to write fairly frequently within the Torchlight Studios Blog so that you can read what I have to say and not just try to interpret my thoughts through my photography. I hope that you will always consider my photography better than my writing skills but with a forced play of pen to paper, my writing should improve to the point where my Blog will be an added attraction to my website. It is my wish that you are entertained by what goes on within the Torchlight Studios website. I hope that at least some of my photos make you stop and smile and some to the extent that you will choose to own that little part of me.

I also plan to take you on a journey through cyberspace on a series of scavenger hunts to find various "treasures". I will provide abstract clues called "scav-net clues" which you will have to decipher. If you are able to follow my lead correctly, then you will find what is hidden within your screen. There is one scav-net clue for each "treasure". If I post a new clue it will be for a different "treasure". If you happen to get off track and don't end up at the exact spot predetermined by me, that's ok because within a couple of weeks I will post the "end point" (answer) where you should have arrived from that given clue. This is all for fun and I hope that you are challenged by my clues! Have a pleasant journey!

SCAV-NET CLUE - #1 : (within Google) In the photographic store at 243 East 83rd Street you will locate in the middle park a photo at a fraction of the whole... 24/35ths to be exact, showing all rhyme and no reason why not one would prose for this shot.

(linger & revel!)

Thanks for visiting and come again soon. Until next time...


ANSWER (in reverse): namrekcebevadybytickroywenkraplartnecklawsteop

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Past...Present...and Passion

No one arrives here without a past. The past is always where it begins. With respect to photography, to shoot, process, and print in black and white was very special to me and that feeling has not changed. What has changed is the equipment, the venue and the desire to be even more creative. There are currently so many ways to arrive at your black and white destination that you may get lost along the way. However, when you do finally climb that last hill, there is no thrill greater than seeing your silver thought become a reality in that developing tray. An exceptional thought transformed to hard copy which you can share, unchanged forever, is truly the “art” of communication.

Welcome to my passion.