Friday, January 11, 2008


We might think we understand the influence of exposure as it pertains to photography. But the kind of exposure that I want to talk about is not based on time or aperture size, it is based on the number of people who see your work. I firmly believe that if you can find a way to show your art to enough people, you have the best chance of being successful. Success is another word that can be interpreted in different ways. Some measure success in dollars while some measure success in fame or recognition. It is always nice to see the bank account grow as a result of your talent, but no matter how you look at it, if people aren't exposed to your work, you will never know how successful you could have been. I can not recall hearing of anyone who purchases art, sight unseen. Your particular style may not appeal to everyone, but the more exposure you get, the better your chances are of finding a market to sell your work or to at least build a fan base. If you think about it, usually the "fan base" comes first and then from that group, a percentage will most certainly buy.

One of the best black and white photographic competitions for this kind of exposure is offered in B&W Magazine published out of California. Each year they have a Single Image Competition as well as a Portfolio Competition. Photographs published are exposed to over 35,000 viewers in 50 countries worldwide.

One of my photos, "Until Tomorrow" (shown above), was published in the 2007 Single Image Contest Awards (Issue 48) of B&W Magazine. I have received many remarkable comments and have sold copies of the print as a result of this exposure.

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Scav-net Clue #2: (within Google) "In the tradition of Ansel Adams & Edward Weston..." in the American West, under the black & white tabby, look for the half dozen page and tell me what compass direction the shadow points on the racetrack?

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Note: To understand what "Scav-net Clues" are about, see the previous Blog posting under Communication.

ANSWER (in reverse): akedarnnylybkcartecarehtkcorgnivomnitsewstniopwodahseht