Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comfort and Responsibility

It has been exactly a year since I last posted to my blog. I said to myself many times in that 364 days that I would not go beyond the anniversary date of the last post before posting again. Well... here I am at the 11th hour (minute 59) telling myself that I have been successful in keeping my promise. Why then do I get the feeling that I have somehow shirked my responsibility to myself as well as to those who visit to look and listen? All of us set limits that we think are attainable and that suit the requirement of what is needed. Maybe the limit set for this posting should not have been self-imposed? Maybe I should have considered my followers, my flock, and set a limit that I thought they would be comfortable with? Perhaps I should have been a better "shepherd" and not allowed my flock to wander, unguided into the unknown corners of cyberspace... instead making sure that they were safely within my reach and instilling a sense of caring on my part so that they remained comfortable and secure. Even though I have had many other things to tend to in the past dozen months, I know that I have been delinquent in my duty to you, my followers, and I promise not be as absent in the future. A good shepherd watches over his flock and makes sure that they are not beyond his reach. As I hope to offer more images and words as my responsibility, may you find comfort and pleasure as you visit my website and hopefully with a desire to return often to stay within the fold.

Thanks for listening... and having faith that I would return.


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A.J said...

We knew you hadn't gone far away, and understand that "life gets in the way of life" sometimes. Even for Shepherds. Great to see you back!